Allegiance Defense Solutions EDC (Every Day Carry) Carbine Course is a two-day course that was developed through lessons-learned over years of covert and low-profile law enforcement training and experience. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry, transport, produce, and utilize a carbine safely/effectively irrespective of your background or profession.

Topics covered will range and progress from use of force considerations to firearms selection, setup, support gear selection, carry considerations, carbine zero, carbine manipulations, fundamentals of carbine marksmanship, multiple round engagements, multiple target engagements, positional shooting, movement relative to proxemics considerations, as well as emergency medical management.

*Note: Allegiance Defense Solutions Low-Light EDC Carbine Course incorporates much of the principles and practices taught and drilled in the EDC Pistol Course curriculum, yet with a primary emphasis of focus on doing so in diminished lighting conditions. Due to variations in time regarding the sunsetting across the nation in different seasons, most Low-Light EDC Carbine Courses are taught as an “add-on” feature to the regular EDC Carbine Course and are taught in conjunction with / shortly after day-one of EDC Carbine. If you elect to add-on this course offering, ensure to bring an additional 200 rounds of appropriate caliber ammo.


  • Appropriate clothing for weather (consistent with what you wear day to day that can conceal your pistol)
  • Backpack or duffel bag (preferably discreet and capable of concealing/transporting your carbine)
  • Concealable carbine magazines (at least 3 magazines)
  • Concealable magazine (at least 3 magazines)
  • Concealable pistol (Subcompacts are not recommended)
  • EDC flashlight
  • Eye protection (tinted/clear lenses)
  • Firearm cleaning/maintenance gear
  • Headlamp with white and red light (for low-light add on)
  • Hearing protection (preferably electronic)
  • Hydrating drinks/snacks/ food
  • Knee pads
  • Minimum of 800 rounds of appropriate caliber carbine ammo (We generally shoot 400-800 rounds per day. Students are allowed the freedom to shoot more or less based on their personal ammo allotment.)
  • Note-taking material
  • Quality carbine sling
  • Quality concealed kydex-type holster that can be securely mounted outside/inside the waistband.
  • Quality EDC belt
  • Quality optic/aiming device (iron sights are a good back up for a red dot or low variable powered optic)
  • Sunblock/bug spray (any other “comfort” items)
  • Wide-tipped Sharpie style marker

Recommended although not required

  • Blue gun or SIRT Pistol (consistent with your make/model and fits your EDC pistol holster)
  • Individual first aid kit (TCCC/TECC)
  • Stowable/packable chair
  • Training blade & sheath that matches your live blade
  • Training tourniquet that matches your live tourniquet

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