Photos above are a visual representation of The Crusader Package. The final product may contain slight variations in finish and appearance.

The Crusader – Pre-Sale


Crusader: Non-Serrated

Crusader-S: Serrated

Lead Time: July 2024

The Crusader

The Crusader a fixed-blade design, intended to be worn on the waistline of the end-user, opposite of their dominant-side or strong-side. In Sayoc Kali, we refer to this as our Other-Strong-Side. This specific modality of wear and use functions incredibly well as an augmentation to their primary defensive tool.


  • Overall Length: 9"
  • Blade Length: 5"
  • Blade Thickness: .156"
  • Handle Material: G10
  • Coating: DLC Black Coating
  • Each Crusader Blade Package includes; The live blade, belt/carry sheath, training blade and storage sheath.

Live Blade

The Crusader’s blade geometry was researched and designed to maximize overall thrusting and cutting ability. The five-inch blade length aids in ease of reaching vital targets deep within the body when used for thrusting. The one and three-quarter inch width makes for wide wound channels. The recurve design above the handle makes for a “longer” blade within a “shorter” design. The recurve also acts as a performance enhancer by forming a “pocket” that concentrates pressure when cutting through the intended medium. The partially serrated variant, features serrations within the pocket of the recurve, aiding in cutting through thicker mediums.


The grip was designed for the blade’s primary purpose of reverse-grip thrusting. The one-eighth inch scalloped scales make for a secure grip while allowing for ease of concealability. The grip features, in conjunction with the sheath, strongly support a reverse-grip draw and employment of the blade.


The trainer or training-blade is an aluminum replica of the live blade with specific modifications intended to create a safer training environment. Each trainer has dulled edges and a rounded tip that makes for the trainer being one half-inch shorter than the live blade. The trainer is anodized blue and features blue G10 scales to aid in its being readily identifiable as a trainer.


The sheath was designed to be ambidextrous in nature. This accommodates a variety of carry positions and orientations. The retention of the sheath also accommodates end-user preferences on how much “pull strength” is required to draw the blade. The option to remove and or exchange clips also aids in the end-user’s ability to modify the sheath and scale according to their individual needs. The sheath accommodates either the live blade or the training blade.


This project has come to life with the aid of many...

Thank you to John Zembko for taking me in as an apprentice and teaching me how to get started on making my own blades. Thank you to Justin Walker and David Taylor for giving a stranger your time and energy in sharing your hard-learned experiences as knife makers.

I would like to specifically thank Kyle Defoor, Kevin Estela, Bill Rapier, and Sayoc Tuhons Tom Kier, Harley Elmore and Carl Atienza. Most of what I know to be “right” when looking at blades has been directly influenced by my introduction to and training in Sayoc and Atienza Kali. In light of this gratitude, each Crusader blade bares the phrase: “10,000 Hands”

“When you draw your blade, 10,000 hands draw their blades with you.”
- Pamana Tuhon Christopher Sayoc Sr.

The 10,000 Hands refers to the people who came before us – the people whose blood was shed so that we can learn from the lessons of the past and live to fight today...

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